Insert/Edit a Link (URL or File)

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Links can be a link to another web page or a link to a downloadable file, such as .PDF document. The steps are the same for either one. Before linking to a downloable file, you will need to first upload the file to your site.

  1. Select text or image to link, then click Insert/Edit LinkInsert/Edit Link
    Insert/Edit Link dialog box
  2. Type or paste (if copied) the URL.
    If creating an e-mail link, type mailto: followed by the e-mail address with no spaces. (e.g.
  3. If linking to a file, click the Browse button. In the File Browser window, navigate to your uploaded file, select it and then click √ Insert File.
  4. Type a title for the link. This will be the description for the tool tip text when you hover over the link or file. It is also used by screen readers for the visually impaired.
  5. Click Insert when complete.

Delete a Link

  1. Select the linked text or image and then click Unlink. Unlink button
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