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Once you have clicked the Show/hide toolbars button at the end of the formatting toolbar, you'll see two more rows of tools.

This is the second row of tools which contain some more advanced text editing tools.
Additional tools


Select text color example of a change in text color
Select background color example of a change in background color
Underline underlines the text
Align full Justifies the text to be evenly distributed between the left and right margin
Superscript Raises the selected text above the baseline — i.e. water freezes at 32o
Subscript Lowers the selected text below the baseline — i.e. water is also known as H2O
Insert Special Character You will find the EN dash for use in the name University of Nebraska–Lincoln plus many other characters that cannot be found on your keyboard
Increase Indent Move text to the right (demotes when used with lists)
Decrease Indent Move text to the left (promotes when used with lists)
Insert/Edit Anchor Add the anchor tag for use in bookmarking
Add Grid Layout The width of a Basic Page is 12. When selecting a layout grid, separate the numbers with commas and no spaces (e.g. 9,3 or 3,6,3). See Grid layout for examples.
Add Zen Box Adds a box with an offsetting background color
Add Tooltip To see this in action, hover your mouse here
Undo Undo the last action
Redo Redo the last action
Find Opens the Find/Replace dialog box to the Find tab
Replace Opens the Find/Replace dialog box to the Replace tab
Toggle Full Screen Mode Open the Body field to fill your browser's window. The formatting tools are at the top of your browser window and you have more space to type and edit the text. When done editing, you will need to click this button again in order to click the Save button.
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This is probably a very easy question to answer but I can't figure it out on my own so I'm asking. How do you achieve a line space in between two headings?