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Preparing for Big Changes, Bigger Improvements

Spring is for new things, and at the Web Developer Network meetings, we've been sharing information about upcoming changes and improvements in the content management system at UNL.

WDN Community Makes Accessibility Final Four

For the third year running, our unique approach to web development at Nebraska has yielded a prestigious and important result ... Nebraska is once again listed among the "Sweet Sixteen" in Dr. Jon Gunderson's annual competitive review of higher ed websites in the critical area of accessibility. Gunderson, director of Disability Resources and Educational Services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, unveils the newest version of his "Athletic Rivalries and Web Accessibility: Who Is in the Sweet 16 this Year?" rankings at the Educause Annual Conference each October.

Login User Interface Updates

The user interface for the login screen will be updated on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

This redesign will provide increased visual consistency with other websites. Colors, typography and form styles reflect recent updates to the UNL Web Framework. The login process will be streamlined by reducing duplicative text and improving clarity about which services will be accessed after authentication.

Using DCF Classes to Develop for 5 in 4.1

If you're reading this, I know you're a go-getter.

Preventing Google Analytics Spam using Views and Filters

If you pay close attention to your Google Analytics (GA) data, you might see page links that does not belong to your site at all. This is what Google Analytics spam does. GA spammers inject themselves into Google's analytics servers in order to raise the SEO and page rankings of their spam websites. Don't let them cloud your data by setting up your views and filters correctly. These slides are from my WDN presentation. 

Slides:Preventing GA Spam using Views and Filters

Moving Forward with UNLedu 5.0

The UNL website, like any website, is a product of evolution. By adopting new and emerging technologies, and keeping an eye on evolving user tastes and expectations, we continue to re-imagine and re-build the university's global campus on the Internet. As a kickoff to UNLedu 5.0 development ‘season,’ and its scheduled release on Jan. 2, 2019, Bob Crisler, Director of Internet and Interactive Media, describes the past dozen years of progress on UNL’s ‘digital campus’ and what's next for

Fixing Inaccessible Local Footer Icon-fonts

The WebAudit tool has recently began scanning for inaccessible use of icon-fonts in the website's local footer region. Inaccessible icon-fonts in the local footer can severely impact your WebAudit score since it appears on all of your website pages. We covered the accessibility considerations of using icon-fonts in the Framework documentation. We will look at determining if WebAudit picked up that your website has an inaccessible icon-font in the local footer region and how to remedy it.

Switching to HTTPS ahead of changes to Google Chrome

Serving over HTTPS is now increasingly viewed as a best practice for user privacy and security. Starting later in October, the Google Chrome browser will label pages with a "Not secure" warning in the address bar when users enter data on an HTTP page. This will impact all UNLedu Framework pages since the UNL site search bar is in the header of every page.