QA Review Rubric

Category Item Status Notes Suggested Resolution
Web Audit Web Audit score and report
Validity/WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility Valid HTML §3.2
Alt text §5.4.2 Good; could be improved Some images are also in links. In that case, the function of the image needs to be described as well as its text equivalent. For instance, on the page at, the alt on the Stephen Buhler photo might be "Stephen Buhler sitting on desk playing guitar; links to story "Stephen Buhler on All About Books."
Color alone not used to convey info §3.1
Color contrast ratio §3.1
Descriptive link text §3.1
Page title (<h1>) is not missing/hidden §3.1
UNL Web Framework Style Book No .dcf- or .unl- class overrides §1.4
No header/footer overrides §1.4, §5.2, §5.5, §5.5.2
Mobile/responsive (grids, tables, images) §5.4.4
Local footer region (contact info, good use of related links/not internal links) §5.5.1
Use of colors consistent with university brand §5.4
Information Architecture Main navigation (6 across, no links to external sites or files, no duplicate links) §5.3.1
Breadcrumbs (begin with home page, end with page you're on) §5.3.2
Proper use and order of headings (<h1><h6>) §5.4.1
No duplicate or redundant content (including multiple home page URLs) §5.4
Page content and organization §1.5
Media, Copyright and Attribution Presence of undesirable media formats (PDFs, YouTube/360º video, Vimeo, Flash, et al) §5.4
Video captions/subtitles §5.4.3
Copyright & attribution §5.4
Use of good quality images (not blurry or pixelated on desktop or mobile) §5.4.2
Text in images §5.4.2
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) XML sitemap §2.1
Meta description §4.1
Short, descriptive image and file names with words separated by hyphens, no spaces §1.6