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Paragraph vs. Line Break
  • When entering text in the Body, if you press ENTER at the end of a line, it will end the paragraph and add space below the paragraph.
  • When you press SHIFT+ENTER, it creates a line break but doesnt end the paragraph. This keeps the lines single-spaced without the extra spacing after the text.
Text formatting toolbar
Text Format select your text and then choose the predined text formatting. (see Formatting examples)
Bold <strong>
Italic <emphasis>
Strikethrough Adds a line through the text
Insert/Remove Bulleted list Unordered list (see List examples)
Insert/Remove Numbered list

Ordered list (see List examples



Specify a section that is quoted from another source. Most browsers will display the text as indented.
Align left Text is aligned to the left of your page
Align center Text is aligned to the center of your page
Align right Text is aligned to the right of your page
Insert/Edit Link (see Insert/Edit a Link)
Unlink (see Insert/Edit a Link)
Insert/Edit Image Insert pictures or any media file type (see Insert/Edit an Image)
Paste as plain text Pastes text without formatting
Paste from Word Pastes text but maintains basic formatting
Remove formatting remove formatting applied to the text
Show/hide toolbars Advanced tools (see Additional Formatting tools and Insert/Edit a Table)
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