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You will need your My.UNL credentials to use the UNLcms Administrative tools.

What is "Content" and what is "Site"?

There is some basic terminology you need to know moving forward that will help you find what you need. There are two levels in working with UNLcms web pages. In the analogy of "the trees in the forest," Content is the trees and Site Management is the forest.

1. Working with Content

This is the basic information you will find on a page. It lies between the Main Menu/Navigation Links and the Footer. Often it is static text with images, but there is a lot more. The web page title is also part of the Content area. In the Body, or Main Content Area, is your static text, tables, images, hyperlinks, embedded video, etc. You will also learn to manage the page layout with the Grid system to create "newspaper" style layout with columns.

2. Site Management

This is all about the structure and the navigation around the site, as well as access to the administrative tools. This is where you dictate the what is in the menus, how you get from one page to the next, edit the site title and slogan, breadcrumbs, footer information, and more. 

Site versus Content

What is my role?

There are three roles for users for your UNLcms site. Each role has different permissions on the site, allowing them to access different parts of the site administration, and manage content.

  • Site Admin: has the highest level of access; can add/edit/delete all content, as well as manage things like menus, and user accounts.
  • Content Admin: can add/edit/delete all content, but not able to manage user accounts nor site configuration.
  • Content Editor: can add/edit content with review by Content Admin/Site Admin.

For more information on roles and how to add users to your site, go to

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