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These steps will work for any images for placement on a web page, or any file you want to link to for download. The file size limitation set at 1 GB/file, although we recommend using a public share link in Box for very large files. There is no quota for a site.

  1. On the Administration toolbar, click Content
  2. Click + Add content
  3. Click the File upload
  4. Select the subfolder for your media in the Navigation pane on the left. <root>is the main folder for your site. You may already have other subfolder for pictures, but you can create your own.
    1. To add a subfolder, be sure <root> is selected and then click Directory Icon Directory.
    2. Type the name of the folder to add and then click Add button.
  5. Click Upload icon Upload.
  6. Click Browse… and navigate to and select the file to upload.
  7. Click Upload button and then click X to close the upload dialog box.
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