Guidance Regarding Images Created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Stock Photography

The WDN Shared Governance Board provides this guidance for content creators concerning images used on our websites and other communication platforms.

  • AI-generated and third-party stock imagery should not be used to represent people, places and experiences at the university. Users’ expectations that our content is authentic must be honored.
  • It is acceptable to use generative AI tools as helpers in image-creation processes, such as editing an existing, non-AI image in Photoshop using that program's AI-enabled features.
  • Content that is wholly generated using AI, such as an image created using Adobe Stock AI Generator or MidJourney, is discouraged as it is inauthentic.
    • An exception to this is using AI as a tool to create conceptual or illustrative content rather than representative (i.e., an image of an amoeba, or a non-representational background image.) Use only when original images or graphics are not available.
  • If AI-generated or stock photography is used for final content, the content should be clearly labeled.

University Communication offers a Digital Photo Archive of images that can be used at no charge.