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MediaHub is a reliable host for all your audio and video hosting needs associated with the University of Nebraska. MediaHub can go places YouTube is blocked, like China and many K–12 schools. MediaHub makes uploading and captioning video simple. Channels help you organize your content. Embed codes make it so media can be dropped into any site with ease.

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The libraries are interested in an option for you to stream commercially produced videos, already captioned.  These have license restructions for UNL only.  Is this somthing you can support?
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Hi Deeann, it will probably depend on the terms of the license. I will send you an email where we can discuss further.
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Is there a limit on how long a video can live on Media hub? We need all of our videos Closed Captioned, but we want to know if they will be deleted from Media Hub at some point in the future. 

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Hi Brian, There is no time limit.

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What is the difference between protected and private on videos?