Dreamers Wanted

Working on websites can be daunting and even lonely at times. We are here as a community to help each other with ideas, solutions, and feedback. Whether you are maintaining content or coding up a site, the Web Developer Network is here for you.

You can contribute!

Ways to Participate

Monthly Meetings

The Web Developer Network holds a monthly meeting that provides the opportunity for all university website stakeholders to get together, network, and learn about upcoming changes to the university Web Framework and CMS. The group also discusses upcoming web trends and share knowledge and best practices about maintaining websites.

Meeting agendas are mailed out a day before the meeting. We also encourage topic inclusions and presentation suggestions using the suggestion form.

WDN monthly meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month. Governance Board meetings are on the first and third Thursdays.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Governance Board

The WDN Shared Governance Board administers and guides the development of the UNL Web Framework, Standards Guide and public information management systems in an environment of respect, collaboration, and outreach. Their goal: to improve user experience, solicit user feedback, and encourage good stewardship of all university websites.

Board meetings are held on the first and third Thursday every month, at 2:00 p.m. on Zoom. University staff participation at these board meetings is welcome.


There are also 3 different sub-committees each with a different focus that meets to discuss, solicit feedback, and form recommendations to the Shared Governance Board. These sub-committees include the UX (User Experience) Sub-committee, QA (Quality Assurance) Sub-committee, and the Public Information Applications User Group.

Meetings are open to anyone who are interested or have questions and feedback.

Code Contributions

Our university's Web Framework is publicly available on GitHub. Improvements and new features are welcomed through submitted pull requests. If you have any questions about how to implement a feature or change, please hop in our chat room.

If you are not familiar with Git, but still wish to contribute, the Framework documentation might be a good opportunity. You can add examples, fix errors, and improve content in our documentation.

Contribute on Github

Feature Requests

If you do not have the time or resources to implement a feature yourself, please submit a feature request. You can also use the feature request form or the chat to let us know about bugs that you have discovered. We always welcome opportunities to improve the tools that we bring to you.

Request a Feature