Information for UNL Website Users

The UNL website is under constant development by the UNL Web Developer Network to meet and exceed your need for UNL online information resources, and to keep up with changing technologies.


The UNL website uses standards-based coding techniques to deliver maximum compatibility to the widest variety of web browsers. We maintain the following list of links to the browsers we recommend:

  • Firefox is the best choice for most users on Windows, Mac and Linux; it's clean, fast and designed for maximum usability.
  • Chrome is another great choice for users on Windows, Mac and Linux from Google's browser team.
  • Safari is the default installation for Mac OS X users, and is a highly-competent, full-featured browser which integrates well with a Mac environment. The automatic Software Update utility in Mac OS X will keep your Safari version up to date.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is a decent browser for Windows users from Microsoft's browser team, and a significant upgrade from IE 8 and IE 7. If you're using either of those older versions, we recommend you upgrade immediately. Internet Explorer 6.0 is not supported.

We support the browsers outlined by the Information Technology Services department.

Consistency is Bliss

UNL web developers have developed a set of guidelines for implementation of the UNLedu web framework, to provide users with the luxury of rewarded expectations when traversing the UNL website. The Style Book, in our Web Developer Network Documentation Wiki, is available to users as well, to help you gain an understanding of how the UNL site is supposed to work at a technical level.

Help us be Syntactically Correct

The UNLedu web framework is coded to the highest standards for accessibility and code correctness, which means for the user that template-based UNL web pages exceed federal standards for accessibility (best understood as "ADA for the web") and are compatible with the broadest possible variety of web browsers. UNL web developers are required to maintain these standards in the code and content added to complete pages. All template-based UNL web pages provide a "QA Test" link in the footer. By clicking that link, you can test the page you're currently viewing against a number of standards testing tools. To report invalid test results, use the "Let's Talk" user-interface element at the bottom of the UNL page.

Do you know a UNL Web Developer?

If you know a developer of UNL web pages, please urge her or him to get involved with the UNL Web Developer Network by registering. WDN resources are available to all interested parties, and participation/contribution is welcome. Developers can get in touch with the community online.