The WDN Chat Room

The UNL Web Developer Network and the Internet and Interactive Media group use HipChat to keep always-on discussions available for quick help with issues in implementing the UNLedu Web Framework, for quick resolution of minor glitches, and for occasional discussion of the #Huskers. Generally, then, our WDN HipChat room is intended for use primarily by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln community and WDN members. Typically, we are not able to answer questions that don't pertain to the UNL website.

That said, if you are a colleague at another university or higher-ed institution, we extend a special invitation to get in contact, right now. We'll welcome you like a sister or brother. ;-) Just hit the 'Join as a Guest' button below.

Members of the UNL Web Developer Network listen to and use this chat during normal business hours (M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm CT, UTC -5:00/winter -6:00).

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