WDN Shared Governance Board

Our Mission

To empower and advance web development at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to create leading, user-focused web experiences.

We do this by:

  • Fostering a collaborative developer network
  • Soliciting user and stakeholder feedback 
  • Cultivating quality website stewardship
  • Developing superior frameworks and public information applications

Activities of the Board

  • Prioritization and administration of framework and public information applications, including, but not limited to: UNL Web Framework, UNLcms, MediaHub, Events, Web Audit, UNL Chat, Announce, and UNL Alert
  • Continuing development of the Standards Guide and its associated Web Audit tool
  • Review of university websites according to Standards Guide
  • Communication of specific issues and recommended remediation
  • Enforcement actions

Current Board Members

The following university employees comprise the membership of the WDN Shared Governance Board for calendar year 2024:

  • Becky Aiken representing IANR Media
  • Matt Bryant representing Academic Services & Enrollment Management
  • Aaron Coleman* representing Digital Experience Group (University Communication & Marketing)
  • Bob Crisler* representing Digital Experience Group (University Communication & Marketing)
  • Ryan Dee* representing Digital Experience Group (University Communication & Marketing)
  • Anne Holz representing the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
  • David Merriman representing College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Mike O'Connor​ representing College of Arts and Sciences
  • Yahya Shema representing Biological Systems Engineering
Past Board Members


The WDN Shared Governance Board is also made up of three sub-committees, each with a different focus:

  • UX Sub-Committee

    Chaired by Ryan Dee, Senior Web Designer/Developer, an open group that works together to form recommendations to the Shared Governance Board that will help improve the experience of visitors interacting with user interface of university websites and its public information systems. Any individual who is interested in web design and user experience research are welcome to participate. Please email Ryan Dee to indicate interest, feedback, questions, or to be informed of upcoming meetings.

  • QA Review Sub-Committee

    This sub-committee reviews websites within the university's CMS to ensure web standards such as HTML validity, web accessibility regulation compliance, SEO performance and much more. Please email the WDN Board if you are interested in learning more about this sub-committee, provide feedback, questions, or to be informed of upcoming meetings.

  • Public Information Application User Group

    Chaired by Eric Rasmussen, CMS Developer & Service Manager, this user group meets to discuss feedback and ways to improve our range of public information applications such as Events or Maps. Please email Eric Rasmussen if you have feedback, questions, or would like to be part of this user group.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

This year’s board meetings will occur on the first and third Thursdays of every month.

Details About the Board

The WDN Shared Governance Board promotes and administers the UNLedu Web Framework and its associated Standards Guide. The board is a 9-person committee: 6 seats, with 2-year terms, nominated and elected by Web Developer Network members; and 3 seats appointed by Director of the Digital Experience Group.

Board terms begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of the following year.

Board members can expect a commitment of 4–6 hours per month.

Meetings are open to any member of the UNL community.

The board reserves the right to vote to convene in executive session at its discretion. These circumstances may include but are not limited to: enforcement actions, by request of site owner, etc.

Meeting notes are posted here on the WDN website.

Every year, three members’ terms end and three new members are elected; Nominations are opened at the October meeting and close at 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the first Tuesday in November, voting opens during the November WDN meeting. Voting closes at 5 p.m. on the Monday before the first Tuesday of December. The new board is announced at the December WDN regular meeting, and is seated Jan. 1.

Only 1 person per organizational unit (by org unit number) to be elected per term (max of 2 serving at any given time). There is no limit on nominations, but only the person with the most votes will be appointed. The purpose of this is to ensure diversity of the board.

Vacated seats will be reappointed by consensus of the remaining elected membership, with runners-up from the most recent prior election comprising the initial pool of candidates.

Contact the Board

To contact members of the board, use one of the forms below or send an email to wdn-board@unl.edu.

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Past Governance Board Members

Thanks to these former WDN Shared Governance Board members for their service:

  • ​Kevin Abel* representing Digital Experience Group (University Communication / ITS)
  • Becky Aiken representing IANR Media
  • Michael Bergland-Riese representing Nebraska Extension
  • Erin Chambers representing Department of English
  • ​Peta-Gaye Clachar representing Animal Science
  • Danielle Dewees representing 4-H Youth Development
  • ​Ella Durham representing Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Alan Eno representing College of Journalism & Mass Communications
  • ​Michael Fairchild* representing Digital Experience Group (University Communication / ITS)
  • Loren Frerichs representing IT Client Services
  • Anne Holz representing IANR Media
  • Matthew Honke representing College of Engineering
  • David Houfek representing Graduate Studies
  • Kyle Martens representing Nebraska Forest Service
  • David Merriman representing College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Mike O'Connor​ representing College of Arts and Sciences
  • Hardik Patel representing Information Technology Services
  • Melissa Sinner representing University Libraries
  • Tim Svoboda representing IANR Media
  • Martin Wolff representing Information Technology Services