Workbench Moderation: Content Review & Publishing

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There are three states of moderation (by default if the Site Admin has not made changes) that a revision of content can reside in:

  1. Draft: Visible only to the author
  2. Needs Review: Visible to the author and editors (Site Admin and Content Admin)
  3. Published: Visible to the world

Site Admin and Content Admin have permission to move revisions of content between all states. A Content Editor can only push content to Needs Review, after which a Site Admin or Content Admin needs to move it to Published.

When content is in the not published state, this means that no revision of the piece of content (the page) is currently viewable by an anonymous user.  This is different than a revision in the Draft state of moderation.  While a revision may be in Draft and not publicly viewable, there may be another revision of the same piece of content that is Published and publicly viewable if the node is published.

  • published/not published states apply to a piece of content (such as a page or a node)
  • Draft/Needs Review/Published are moderation states that apply to a single revision of a piece of content
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