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Turn on the Redirect and Trailing Slash modules.

Go to admin/config/search/redirect/settings

Suggested settings are shown. After saving these settings it is recommended to Clear Cache and Purge Varnish at admin/config/development/performance

  1. Checked: 'Automatically create redirects when URL aliases are changed.'
  2. Checked: 'Retain query string through redirect'
  3. 'Default redirect status' set to '301 moved permanently'
  4. Unchecked: 'Allow redirects to be saved into the page cache'
  5. 'Delete redirects that have not been accessed for' set to 'Never (do not discard)'
  6. Checked: 'Redirect alternative front page URLs to the root directory'
  7. Checked: 'Remove index.php from all non-front page paths'
  8. Checked: 'Redirect from non-clean URLs to clean URLs'
  9. Checked: 'Redirect from non-canonical URLs to the canonical URLs'
  10. Unchecked: 'Reidrect the front page to its canonical URL'
  11. Unchecked: 'Remove trailing slashes from paths'
  12. Checked 'Add trailing slashes to paths'
  13. Unchecked 'Allow redirections on admin paths'
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