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Requires the Action Email Role and Workbench Moderation modules.

It is desirable to have content approvers automatically receive an e-mail alerting them to content in need of moderation, otherwise the only way for them to know that edits are outstanding is to login to the site regularly.

These steps will set up an action (send an e-mail) and trigger (moderation state of a piece of content is changed) to automatically send an email when content is moved from Draft to Needs Review.  Setting up actions and triggers for the other transitions is similar and can be done by replicating these steps with the appropriate modifications.

A. Set up the Action

  1. On the Administration toolbar, click Configuration.
  2. In the SYSTEM block (top of second column), click the Actions link.
  3. At the bottom of the page, for CREATE AN ADVANCED ACTION: select Send e-mail to all users in specified role(s)...
  4. Click Create.
  5. Set the Label as:  Notify Site/Content Admin content Needs Review.
  6. Select Send from user's e-mail so the e-mail is sent from the user who triggered it.
  7. Under Recipient Roles select Site Adminand Content Admin.
  8. Set Subject to:  Content Needs Review on [your site's name]
  9. Paste the following into the Message field:
I (%sender) just moved the following Draft to the Needs Review state to be considered for publishing:
View all revisions of this page at [site:url]node/[current-page:arg:1]/moderation
View all content that Needs Review at [site:url]admin/workbench/needs-review
(You were sent this email because you are a Site Admin or Content Admin on the [site:name] website and have content moderation enabled.)
  1. Click Save.

B. Set up the Trigger

Requires the Trigger module.

  1. On the Administration toolbar, click Structure.
  2. Click the Triggers link.
  3. Click the Workbench Moderation Tab link.
  4. Under Trigger: Transition from the state Draft to Needs Review occurs choose the action created above from the drop-down menu and click Assign.
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