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The Webform content type allows creation of simple to complex webforms which collect end-user data.

Adding a new form

When you add a new Webform (Content > Add content > Webform) you will see what looks like a Basic Page without a form to edit. This is only the first screen where you specify a title, assign a menu position, and add any content that you may want to appear on the page above the form. You will edit the form once you Save this initial page.

Create Page Title Screenshot

Next, go to the form building screen by clicking the Webform tab at the top right. You build the form by dragging elements from the right to the staging area on the left. Click Save when you are done.

Building Form Screenshot

Set the email settings. This determines who will receive submissions.

Setting up Email Screenshot

Set the form settings: confirmation page, submission limits, and so on.

Form Settings Screenshot

View the results

We can assign one person as an owner of the form who is able to view the results. We can also email form submissions to many recipients as you wish.

If you are the owner of a Web form and would like to view results, you can log in and then:

  • Click on the Results button on the top right corner of the page.
  • The Table tab will allow you to view results
  • The Download tab will allow you to download the results to an Excel file
Image of top of the UNL web pages, with circles around how to view results of your web form Screenshot of Admin screen within Web Form

Disable authoring information

To disable authoring information, go to Administration > Structure > Content types > Webform. Under the "Display settings" subsection you can enable or disable the display of author information.

Screenshot of the author information setting
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