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A site may have a use for a type of page that is more structured than the free-form Basic page. If a site has multiple pages with the same format, these pages will probably be easier to maintain as instances of a specialized content type rather than a Basic page. In a nutshell, it's a page template.

For example, say Human Resources has a page for every type of insurance that is offered as part of the University's benefits package. Each of these pages is similair: there's an intro paragraph, a section about eligibility, a section with a table of rates, and a section of supporting documents such as form PDFs. This would be a good case for a custom content type.

Create a new Content type

  1. On the Administration Toolbar, click Structure, click the Content types link and then the +Add content type link.
  2. Enter a name in the Name field. In our example, we might use "Insurance Benefit" and a Description of "information about a specific type of insurance offered to employees with supporting documents".
  3. In the settings and options section, click Publishing options.
    Unselect Promoted to front page and select Create new revision.
  4. In the settings and options section, click Display Setting.
    Decide whether you want the page's author to appear by selecting Display author and date information.
  5. In the settings and options section, click Comment settings.Change Default comment setting for new content to Hidden.
  6. Click Save and add fields button.
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