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Fields are the components that make up a Content Type/Node. Content Types start off with a Title field and a Body field. So when you complete creating a new Content Type (see Creating a New Content Type), you essentially have something that is no different than a Basic page.

Adding a File Upload Widget

If your site has a lot of short pages with a brief amount of text and related PDF forms, you may consider adding a File field to the Basic page content.  When you do this, your Basic pages will have a file upload widget to easily upload and share your PDFs online.

  1. On the Administation toolbar, click Structure.
  2. Click the Content types link.
    1. LABEL:  Enter the title for the widget to appear on the page.
    2. FIELD TYPE:  Select File from the drop-down list.
    3. WIDGET:  This should automatically populate after you choose a field type.
  3. For the content type to add the field to, click the manage fields link in the OPERATIONS column. For our example, we changed the Basic page.
    Add a new field
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the EDIT tab to edit the widget's settings.
    Edit widget
    • txt = text
    • pdf = portable document format
    • doc = Word 97 document
    • docx = Word document
    • ppt = PowerPoint 97 presentation
    • pptx = PowerPoint presentation
    • xls = Excel 97 workbook
    • xlsx = Excel workbook
  6. Add additional file types to the Allowed file extensions field (separated with a comma).
    Common file extentions:
  7. Select Enable Description field to allow users to add a description about the uploaded file.
  8. Click Save settings.
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