Understanding Content Types

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Two content types every site will have:

  1. Basic page is used for most content. Depending on your site, this may have been customized to include specific sidebars such as news feeds, etc.
  2. The File Upload is not a page in your site, but where you upload your media content such as images and downloadable files.

Additional content types can be added or created by your Site Admin. Below is a list of possible content types available to you. To learn how to create a custom content type, see Creating New Content Type.

Article     Use articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts. This is information that is updated more frequently and often cross-referenced and categorized (such as news items or resources). By default, Articles are sorted with the most recent post at the top, but this can be customized
Basic page     Use basic pages for your static content that can (but are not required to) be linked into the main navigation bar. (i.e. "About us" page)
Blog entry     Use for multi-user blogs. Every user gets a personal blog.
Book page     Books have a built-in hierarchical navigation and are are designed to be part of a collaborative book, enabled by the core Book module. Use for handbooks or tutorials.
        Book Module Demo - YouTube Video (9:43)
File upload     Upload files from your computer, such as PDF documents, to the file system.
Forum topic     A forum topic starts a new discussion thread within a forum.
News item     A news article with byline and associated imagery. (Provided by the UNLcms project.)
Webform     Create a new form or questionnaire. Submission results and statistics are recorded and accessible to privileged users.
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If the content in the article does not require any clicking on "Read More," is it possible to remove that wording and link from the article. Or am I not using a the correct content type?