Working With Channels

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So you want to know more about channels and how to work with them. Channels are a great way for users manage and group media. When you start out, you will only have your channel, but you are always welcome to make new ones!

Creating a new channel

To create a new channel, simply fill out the 'new channel' field when uploading media. When you create a new channel, you will be the only user.

When uploading media, you can create a new channel by filling in the 'new channel' field at the end of the channels list.

Editing a Channel

To edit channel details (such as name, users, and itunesu info), first log in and click the 'manage' navigation link. Scroll past the upload form and click the channel you want to edit, you will now be on the channel's public page. Click the 'edit' button under the channel's title to edit it.

When looking at a channel's page, you can edit it by clicking the 'edit' button under the channel title.

Adding Users to a Channel

To edit channel users, go to the edit page of the channel. Under the channel title, there will be a link to 'edit channel users'. You can add users to the channel by adding their username (the same one used to log into blackboard or outlook). All users that are part of the channel can add media/remove media from the channel and view private media that is in the channel.

When editing a channel, click the 'edit channel users' link to add/remove users from the channel.
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