Upload your own captions

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MediaHub offers inexpensive and accurate captions, but there are situations in which you might want to upload your own caption track instead of ordering them. MediaHub does support adding your own caption track. Follow the process below:

  1. Log into UNL MediaHub if you are not already logged in
  2. Go to the edit page for the media that you want to add captions to
  3. Click the button to "Edit captions on Amara"
  4. Sign in to amara.org and/or create an account. After you have finished signing in, you might need to click the "Edit captions on Amara" link in MediaHub again to get to the right page on amara.org
  5. Click the link to "upload them directly"
  6. Select the languages (both are usually English)
  7. Upload the caption track
  8. Go back to the Manage Captions page on MediaHub and click the button to "Pull captions from amara.org"
  9. Congratulations, you have just updated your caption track!

Future improvements

The current process depends on an external process which can make uploading caption tracks fairly difficult. We do have plans to let you upload a caption track directly in MediaHub.

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