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HandBrake is a tool that optimizes videos for certain situations. We recommend running videos through our presets before uploading them to MediaHub. Not doing so may result in corrupted videos that do not play in all browsers.

Installing and configuring HandBrake

  1. Go to and download the latest version of HandBrake.
  2. Open HandBrake, if it asks you to open a video file, press cancel.
  3. Download our HandBrake presets, and unzip the package.
  4. Go to the 'Presets' menu in HandBrake, then select 'import'. This should open a file browser. Navigate to the unzipped presets and select all 3 (UNL_960.plist, UNL_1280.plist, UNL_1920.plist)
  5. After selecting the 3 preset files, click 'Open'. This will import the presets

Converting a video

  1. Open HandBrake, if not already open.
  2. Click 'Open Source' and select the video file you want to convert.
  3. Select the UNL preset that you wish to use (for example, 'UNL_960' will be a 960px wide video)
  4. (optional) change the destination file so that the original file will not be overridden
  5. Click 'Start'
  6. Wait until conversion is done and then upload the new file to MediaHub. Converting might take a long time depending on your computer and the length of the video.
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In case this is a more prevalent issue than just me/my comp: I had to open a video file before HandBrake would allow me to add the custom presets, and I had to add them one at a time. Thanks!