Add/Edit Users and their Roles

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There are three roles for users for your UNLcms site. Each role has different permissions on the site, allowing them to access different parts of the site administration, and manage content.

  • Site Admin: has the highest level of access; can add/edit/delete all content, as well as manage things like menus, and user accounts.
  • Content Admin: can add/edit/delete all content, but not able to manage user accounts nor site configuration.

For use with Workbench Moderation:

  • Content Editor: can add/edit content with review by Content Admin/Site Admin.

For use with Organic Groups:

  • Contributor: can contribute new content, and edit their own content for groups they are assigned to.

Add a User and assign a Role

  1. Once logged into the site as a user with the Site Admin role:
  2. On the Administration toolbar click People.
  3. Click the Import User from UNL Directory link near the top of the page.
  4. In the Search String field, type any part of the person’s name or user name and then press ENTER to search. All records matching a portion of what you typed will be displayed. If the person you are searching for is not listed, you may delete the search string and start again.
  5. Select the appropriate person and then click Add Selected User.
  6. Leave the Status as Active, but you must select an option under Roles. NOTE: The Workbench module must be activated to be able to use Content Admin or Content Editor, if you don't know about this, select Site Admin.
  7. When complete, click Save at the bottom of the screen.
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