Add a User without My.UNL credentials

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For non-UNL employee/student

If the person does not have a regular My.UNL account, you will need to set them up with a My.UNL Sponsored Guest Account. This account  does have the ability to be used as an UNLcms site admin, content admin and/or content editor. Visit the Identity Management website at for information about who can sponsor a guest.

To set up a Sponsored Guest:

  1. Go to the ID Management site at You must login using your My.UNL credentials.  
    • Click the button to Manage or Create Guest Accounts.      
    • Click the Create Sponsored Guest button      
    • For your guest, provide First Name, Last Name and E-Mail address. This e-mail address will become their sponsored guest account      
    • The guest will then be sent an e-mail to activate (claim) the account.      
  2. The guest will need to click on the link in that e-mail to activate their account, as their sponsor, you will receive e-mail notification when this has been done.  
  3. After that account is activated (claimed), you will need to add the account to your site as you normally would in the process above.      

NOTE: The e-mail address assigned in the sponsored guest process is the My.UNL account to add.

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