Add/Edit Navigation Links (Main Menu)

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Add a Page in the Main Menu/Navigation Links

  1. Open the page to be added to the Main Menu in Edit view.
    Site hierarchy options

    The Site hierarchy options should be visible at the bottom of the page.

  2. Select Display in menu.
  3. [optional] You may edit what text appears by editing the Menu link title field. This is also the text that appears on the web browser tab.
  4. Add a Description that will appear as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the link. This is also helpful for screen readers for the visually impaired.
  5. From the Parent item drop-down list, select which Main Menu item this page will appear under.
  6. Click Save when complete.

Remove Page from Main Menu/Navigation Links without Deleting the Page

  1. Open the page to be added to the Main Menu in Edit view.
  2. On the Site hierarchy section, deselect Display in menu.
  3. Click Save when complete. 

Reorder Your Site's Main Menu/Navigation Links 

  1. On the Administration Toolbar, click Structure.
  2. Click the Menus link.
  3. In the OPERATIONS columns, click the list links option for Main menu.
  4. Click and drag the four-headed arrow in front of the page name to the new location.
  • Drag up and down to reorder.
  • Drag right or left to promote or demote the page in the menu.

Reorder Main Menu/Navigation Links

You may notice this is also an easy way to display or remove a page from the Main Menu/Navigation Links by either selecting or deselecting the option for the page to be enabled in the Main Menu. ***Clicking the delete link in the OPERATIONS column will delete the page and all its content.***

When complete, you can click the edit link in the OPERATIONS column for the page you want to edit next.

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I have no four-headed arrows. Now what?