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I was bored that day. Seeing my father sleeping, I wanted to make up my father. I'm gonna put a stinky sock over dad's face, which is like a tranquilizer. With it, I can feel at ease to do my father's makeup. I find the cosmetics of the mother, the father that fat face besmear went up a fluorescent powder, white and white. Maybe it was because I was making such a noise that my father was alarmed. He suddenly hit himself in the face. Seeing daddy's messy hair, I braided his hair again. Dad's lips, I use lipstick to paint particularly beautiful, became a big red lips. Mom woke up, saw dad at this time look, also laughed. Dad felt something different, looked at himself in the mirror and was shocked. Then he grinned too, so sweetly. What a memorable family story, we are a happy family, this incident is deeply imprinted in my mind, still can not forget.