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UNLcms (https://unlcms.unl.edu) is a web-based tool for colleges, departments, units, faculty, and student groups to create websites in the UNLedu Web Framework (the "UNL Templates"). UNLcms is designed to allow people with no knowledge of web programming or markup to create and manage their site's content with considerably less effort than before, allowing web publishers to concentrate on quality and timeliness of content.

UNLcms utilizes Drupal 7. It is an open source content management system developed by a large, international community. Drupal is used as a back-end system for at least 2.1% of all websites worldwide.

For content-specific help, the UNLedu Web Framework section offers many code examples, and developers are often available during business hours for questions in the WDN Chat.

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How do I delete a link to a page that I have deleted?

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Under our Saunders County 4-H dropbox, I want one of the titles to read Animal Science, but it shows Animal Science (Livestock). Please advise on how to drop (Livestock).