September 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 2:00pm

4.1 Update this Sunday 9/16

  • Default login link at top of page will change from to in anticipation of decommissioning of server in Oct.
  • If you have a custom web app that uses CAS (, you'll need to make a code change before October (example

User Preference Survey

  • As we move forward with redevelopment in the upcoming year, we've created a 2018 User Preference Survey. Will open the third week of the semester. Please fill it out and share the URL with others.

5.0 Framework Timeline and Updates

5.0 Standards Guide beta

Working document will be updated often as design and framework is solidified.

Drupal 8/UNLcms Timeline and Updates

  • Developing content types / content displays (bands/slices) and widgets in 5.0.
  • Will have preview of working content types in 5.0 in Drupal 8 in October
  • Preview for Drupal 7 - How to theme switch to 5.0 in UNLcms