October 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 2:00pm

Governance Board Update

  • Discussion of user survey, subject/topic-based navigation, Template 5.0, breadcrumbs and navigation
  • Standards Guide (open for comments): https://go.unl.edu/fiveoh_guide

WebAudit Metrics

Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Report 2018

  • Quick Takeaways: Cost-calculators are the most influential resource, virtual tours somewhat influential, email and print brochures still strong (!), Facebook declining, Instagram/Snapchat in co-lead
  • "The College website is everything" - school websites most influential information resources

User Preference Survey

  • 2018 User Preference Survey is live and actively taking submissions. Please fill it out and share the URL with others. Links have been added to Current Students and Faculty/Staff pages

5.0 Framework Timeline and Updates

Drupal 8/UNLcms Timeline and Updates

  • Developing content types / content displays (bands/slices) and widgets in 5.0.
  • Will have production ready in 5.0 in Drupal 8 in November
  • Preview for Drupal 7 - How to theme switch to 5.0 in UNLcms

Navigation Labels (Erin Chambers)

  • Strategies: Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity

Meeting Recording