June 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 2:00pm

Video of the meeting

OpenAIR Competition Winners Recognition

WDN Shared Governance Board updates

  • Terms of Use / 4.0 Stylebook and documentation
  • Planning for WDN Meeting Presentations
  • QA review subcommittee on pause until review process is redeveloped
  • Trying to figure out a good way to check in with site owners who have possibly moved on

UNLcms Housekeeping

  • Deletion of 138 sites
    • Sites were: never touched, lab sites of faculty no longer here, maintenance mode sites replaced by newer sites, sites that had not been logged into in longer than 2 years
  • All remaining sites updated to 4.1 theme
  • 3.1 and 4.0 themes removed from UNLcms in anticipation of adding 5.0
  • If you have an old site you're no longer using, contact Eric Rasmussen for removal

Framework &amp Application Updates

  • WebAudit AxeCore update

Metrics updates

User Preference Survey

  • As we move forward with redevelopment in the upcoming year, we've created a 2018 User Preference Survey. The form isn't available to submit yet, but will be hopefully be sent out later this week.

Framework Update and Roadmap

  • Alpha 1 Release
  • Goals
    1. Exceed User expectations for performance (score average less than 1 sec on FCP (first contentful paint) on Google PageSpeed Insights)
    2. Exceed user expectations for accessibility (Build more accessibility features directly into the framework)
    3. Exceed user expectations for design (surprise and delight with strong typography, bold imagery, subtle animations, and consistent user interface)
    4. Improve user experience through new CMS features (Develop shared, scalable content types for consistency, maintainability and ease of use)
    5. Add new framework features (Integrate personalized content, enhance mobile UI ergonomics)
  • Design previews
  • Theme Preview in CMS - How to preview in UNLcms
  • DCF Documentation - http://www.digitalcampus.us/
  • WDN Documentation - https://wdn.unl.edu/50-classes
  • For reading / studying up on CSS Grid - CSS Grid Garden

SEO and Keyword Research

Meeting Recording