August 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Gov Board update

  • QA review process redevelopment - still soliciting feedback
  • Next meeting is 8/21/18 at 10 a.m. at University Communication (12th and Q)
  • Still revisiting and revising the Style Book for 5.0

General Notes

  • Today, mobile is almost 50% of all traffic, and upward trend remains strong.
  • UNL website serving between 64 (GA) and 104 (webfonts) million requests a year.

User Preference Survey

  • As we move forward with redevelopment in the upcoming year, we've created a 2018 User Preference Survey. Will open the third week of the semester. Please fill it out and share the URL with others.

5.0 Framework Timeline and Updates

  • Beta 1 / Apps Alpha 2 (Ryan)
    • Initial html available for development.
    • Work continues on unifying Apps UI
    • Goal 1: Exceed user expectations for performance. (so far, have reduced CSS alone by 40-50%)
    • Goal 2: Exceed user expectations for accessibility (included "skip to," move some a11y fixes out of JS, improved focus styles (buttons), modal dialog for UNLalert)
    • Goal 3: Exceed user expectation for design (moving from photoshop to code with bands and areas that are high-use)
    • Goal 4: Take advantage of Drupal 8 to display / share content (shared content types, styled content bands, widgets like events built into drupal)
    • Goal 5: Add new framework features (dashboard)

Presentation Maker

Eating our Own Dog Food: WDN Site in 5.0

  • Some minor changes need to be made before flipping the site over, but any page on the WDN site can be viewed in the new theme by adding a "?5" to the end of the URL. Example:

Meeting Recording