April 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board updates

  • Discussing IA, working on final proposal.
  • QA Review Subcommittee
    • Working on objectives moving forward, will meet with Governance Board about process.
  • UX Design Subcommittee
    • Got feedback from usability test on Current Student page (UsabilityHub). Quick takeaways were mostly inconclusive, will be doing a second round with a working mockup (first was flat paper prototype). Discussed 5.0 theme.
  • Framework and App Usability-Focused User Group (new; Nancy Weyers?)
    • 114 Responses
    • Second test (working mockup) to go live soon, will take a look at mobile search placement and other items related to search and navigation.

Framework & Application Updates

  • Monthly updates. Changes include WebAudit Honor Roll information, wdn-icon-container change, and z-index for WDN Alert. View Changelog
  • MediaHub automatic optimization (transcoding new uploads) - Michael
  • Changed the way that "recommend to main calendar" button works in Events.unl.edu (it is now a default setting that needs to be filled out).

Metrics updates

  • Webaudit Honor Roll - will display subtle gold star badge in footer if site is 100%, silver at 90-99%.

BTAA ITAG Summary - Bob and Michael

  • Strategic planning session for group
  • In breakouts, discussed training, maturity models, vendor/procurement, and open source.
  • Takeaways for us: offer more training and education within WDN
  • Build alliances around university and system
  • We are generally in a good place on web accessibility, but could always do better

University of Nebraska–Lincoln cms updates

  • Been a lot of forms lately getting spammed. Will be testing a module to auto-ban IP addresses based on number of form submissions.
  • Setting up form submissions rules per user per day / week / month (under Webform -> Form Settings -> Total Submission Limit or Per User Submission Limit)

Digital Campus Framework (DCF) 1.0 / UNL Theme 5.0

Meeting Recording