WDN Board 4/20/15 Meeting Notes

WDN Board 4/20/15 Meeting Notes Meeting Notes

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 10:00am

Privacy Policy (Bob Crisler)
Advanced Typography Features (Ryan Dee)
Template Request (Ryan Dee)
QA Review #2: Dept of English

Badly outdated
Bob would like the board to develop a new one once QA Review process is established
Review University of Texas privacy policy as a reference


Could add optional font to UNLcms install


We have had a request from a related organization to use the affiliate template
Board suggests we ask for more information from them: affiliate template, or just UNL logo? If the former, CMS, too?

Site: Department of English

ItemStatusNotesSuggested Resolution
Accessibility - alt

Good; could be improved

Some images are also in links. In that case, the function of the image needs to be described as well as its text equivalent.

For instance, on the page at http://www.unl.edu/english/, the alt on the Stephen Buhler photo might be "Stephen Buhler sitting on desk playing guitar; links to story "Stephen Buhler on All About Books."

Accessibility - contrast

Good; could be improved

Be aware of text over images

Many options: reposition text, make images darker before uploading, or add an overlay using CSS

Accessibility - captions Needs work

Most videos have captions, but on unl.edu/english/published-work the two teacher videos are missing captions

Caption videos through Amara

Don't have to "own" videos on mediahub to add captions!

Accessibility - other

Title attributes on links may not be needed

Title attributes on several elements are redundant

Remove them; title attirbute should be used online in cases where additional context is needed to describe the link destination.

Validity Good; could be improved

Please review webaudit for HTML issues

Stylebook - Site Title/Breadcrumbs Good
Stylebook - overrides Needs work Large set of ".wdn- " CSS styles that have overreaching scope Create site-specific styles instead of overriding WDN styles; if changes are made to WDN CSS,  overrides may cause portions of site to break
Stylebook - layout/responsiveness Needs work

Phenomblue/CAS Javascript error: Uncaught Type Error: $content.css(...).setAlltoMaxHeight is not a function

Use border instead of <hr /> on homepage's red ribbon element

Social media widget iframes on homepage not responsive

Connect button overlaps content on Alumni & Friends page

Code on page? http://www.unl.edu/english/gregg-lambert-part-1

Staff listing with avatars becomes difficult to read < @bp1. Example: http://www.unl.edu/english/literary-and-cultural-studies

Remove or seek assistance in fixing this function

CSS border

Wrap social media widget in responsive <div>; Matt Honke can demonstrate this

Review CSS classes involved in the overlap

Per Erin, resulting from Feeds Importer; adjust settings

Consider placing avatar, content in seperate break-point class columns

Information Architecture

Overall, pretty good. Needs some work.

http://www.unl.edu/english/give - arrows at bottom list indicate dropdown content, but do nothing

http://www.unl.edu/english/emeriti-faculty - name links open email app

Unfinished page: http://www.unl.edu/english/alumni-friends

Diversity page needs relevant imagery

Faculty directory wording not consistent

http://www.unl.edu/english/current-graduate missing section header below tabbed content

Consider adding tooltips to all button links

Change arrows to bullets

Add email icon and link instead of name link

"View by" rather than "Sort by", or use the tooltip (title) text

Media, Copyright and Attribution Good; needs work Some images seem stretched unintentionally, covering intended content: http://www.unl.edu/english/published-work

Review HTML and CSS for these areas to identify causes

(Erin's note: caused by TWIG template with HTML error)