WDN Board 4/16/15 Meeting Notes

WDN Board 4/16/15 Meeting Notes Meeting Notes

Monday, April 6, 2015 - 10:00am
QA Review #1: All together
Site: Top-Level


WCAG 2AA Accessibility
First look at audit score, then address issues that the webaudit won't catch.  For example:
  • Alt text that isn't descriptive
  • Contrast (besides what CSS catches)
  • Text in images
  • Video captions/subtitles

UNL Web Framework Style Book
Visual assessment
  • !Important: Identify and address any code (including CSS) that affects the header or footer
  • Address page content that is broken due to overrides/other
  • Look for .wdn-* overrides in site CSS, look for additional classes that overwrite attributes of WDN classes
  • View site in "mobile-mode"

IA (Information Architecture)
Visual assessment
  • Navigation links
  • Headings and page organization
  • Improper use of PDFs (pdfs, rather than HTML, used for important information)

Media, Copyright and Attribution
Visual assessment
  • Images, video, audio, etc.
  • YouTube embeds
  • Flash, silverlight, java, lightbox

ItemStatusNotesSuggested Resolution
Accessibility - alt

No ALT attributes on newsroom images

Can ALT attributes be required (through UNLcms, other?)

Accessibility - contrast
Accessibility - captions Good; could use improvement Captions are present on homepage, but UI element is partially obscured on current student page Can language selector be eliminated if only one language is supported?
Accessibility - other
Validity Code is valid to standard on all pages except...



Stylebook - Site Title/Breadcrumbs Needs work and/or reconsideration

Site Title should match navigation: Visitor, Current Student Prospective, Research change title but keep navigation. About UNL changes both, but keeps breadcrumbs.

Same problem with related links

Stylebook - overrides

Custom classes should be used for decoration styles like custom ".wdn-brand-caps".

Reserve ".wdn-" classes for official Framework CSS

Rename site-specific classes beginning with ".wdn -"
Stylebook - layout/responsiveness

Table on Big 10 pages does not fit at iPhone widths (bp1)

The layout and use of tables does not work well on the Departments page/subsite

Information Architecture - navigation

In navigation, there are two "Schedule a Visit" labels

Links lead off site in many cases
Law college seems out of place under Prospective Students

Be aware of ambiguity in link names, eg: Affiliates - links to a page with no reference to "affiliates"

Consider hierarchy of submenu links (additional notes below)

Information Architecture - headings/page organization Good
Information Architecture - other

http://www.unl.edu/aboutunl/ and http://www.unl.edu/research/ appear as different sites

See Stylebook - title/breadcrumbs notes below

Media, Copyright and Attribution Good

+ Appropriate attributions
+ No Youtube embeds

Video caption form is hidden behind the mediahub overlay on http://www.unl.edu/current/ (see notes from Accessibility-captions)

Mediahub overlay problem may be caused by decreased video height. Check HTML/CSS and surrounding elements

Observations from today's site review and resulting discussion

As we examine practices that "violate" WDN policies and Style Guide, we often discuss the efficacy and relevance of the current policies.

Organizing navigation links
What are best practices?

  • Long lists could benefit from alphabetical order
  • Navigation links affected by "political struggles" may be best organized by alpha or most visited
  • Prescriptive rules won't work in this area. For QA reviews, feedback on navigation order should follow these general guidelines: "We found the order of links in _____ column confusing, and/or weren't sure of the reasoning behind the order. Here are our suggestions: _____"
  • General rule: "Order your secondary navigation links logically and purposefully. Always have a reason for the order in which they are presented."

Potential ordering schemes:

  • Alphabetical
  • Statistically (most visited to least visited)
  • Directed by other logical path (i.e. the IKEA approach - the order we want visitors to experience our content)


Site review: College of Engineering - http://engineering.unl.edu
Site review: Department of English - http://www.unl.edu/english


Shared Governance Board update: Rubric draft. We did a review of the top-level site; reviews planned for College of Engineering and Department of English.