September 2021 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • Discussed use of Codepen / Glitch for possible forms of supplementary, short-term ("trendy") documentation.​
  • Reviewed updates to dark mode
  • Review subdomain and site creation requests

WebAudit Metrics

Framework updates and discussion

  • 5.3 Updates deploy Tuesday, Sept 13. Updates include:
    • npm Update
    • Accessibility updates for DCF slideshow
    • Events plugin time zone fix
    • Fixes for datepickers and forms
    • Remove unsuppored $hue from scale-color function in $scarlet-shade

Dark mode color updates

  • Reducing high-contrast to soften extremes for readability
  • Tentatively scheduled for fall break (Monday, October 18 or Tuesday, October 19)

UNLcms Updates

  • Looking into updates to UNLaccess module for more granular control for student workers / specific org units