September 2020 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • VCN / WDN collaboration - discussion of how we can collaborate better between print, social, and web.

WebAudit Metrics

Responsive Table updates / fix

Framework Updates and discussion

  • Dark mode won't be enabled until holiday break. Please look at sites on Staging and test, especially for sites with lots of custom CSS. There's also a #darkmode channel in Slack for bringing up issues
    • Non-CMS: (5.2 Dark Mode Preview)
      UNLcms: /admin/appearance/settings/unl_five "Enable Dark Mode Preview for Site Admin" at the bottom
      (In order to actually see dark mode on your website, you must set your computer’s operating system to use dark mode.)
  • Coming next: Notices & Datepicker
  • Lazy loading/scroll animation demo and tutorial - More documentation coming soon to WDN website
  • Visit/Apply/Give links – how to add local links to your site
    • In UNLcms, go to Appearance -> 5.2 Default theme settings -> Call-To-Action Links section

COVID site updates

  • Using combination of C3 and D3 for charting. Trying to standardize on a charting library, if anyone has anything they have experience with.

Let's hear from you: what do you need in the framework or apps to help in your work?

  • Anything here?

Meeting Recording