September 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 2:00pm

WDN Meeting Agenda

WDN Shared Gov Board Update
  • Welcome any new hires and intro to HipChat
  • 2017 Elections coming up
  • QA Reviews on deck: and
  • Elections
    • Submit name by end of day Nov 1 (form will be up at October meeting)
    • Voting beings Tuesday, Nov 8 (but prioritize the national election on that day)
    • Voting closes Dec 1
    • New board announced Tuesday, Dec 13
    • Term begins Jan 1, 2016
Back-to-school analytics
  • Maps use up 28% YoY
  • Mobile use continues to rise: now 39%
  • Chrome and Safari > 75%
  • Visits from Canada up 99% YoY (displaces India as top non-U.S.)
  • Session duration off slightly: 3m31s (1%)
Upcoming meetings of note
UNL Maps Updates - Kevin Abel
  • Updated interface with new data - no longer using red dots to identify buildings, instead using building outline polygons to interact with data
  • Updated parking layers, Sheldon sculpture information, GPS-based buses
  • Embed code available on WDN website
Drupal 8 Update
  • Timeline - Fall 2016 launch shared infrastructure site at top level, start integrating other sites beyond that
  • update to WYSIWYG editor - all non block-level elements will now be wrapped in a paragraph tag
  • Chancellor's blog example of a basic block site with tags, links to static content
Documentation Updates