November 2023 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 2:00pm

Shared Governance Board update

  • Subdomain Requests
  • CMS development priority list
  • Potential CMS training sessions (Advanced Layouts, Webforms)
  • CMS WYSIWYF formatting
  • Governance Board New Members


  • Accessible Documents - Discussion about ways to ensure that uploaded documents (.docx, xlsx . pdfs) are accessible
  • Are .webp files become a better option than .jpg for web photos? - Not more standard, but for the moment better. Longer term, AVIF appears to be the answer. - for image compression.
  • How to pull news items in Next-Gen CMS -

WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Updates

  • If you're interested in Google Looker Studio Updates, please contact Ryan Dee

Framework updates

  • 5.3.40 update will deploy Tuesday, November 14
    • Fix 301 links identified by Web Audit
    • Fixes for modal and toggle components
    • Add comments to aid searching for classes with percentages in their name
    • Adjust Matomo code to avoid ad blocks
    • New CSS Grid classes - These work with all breakpoint suffixes (@sm, @md, @lg, @xl) .dcf-col-100%, .dcf-col-50%, dcf-col-75% dcf-col-25%, dcf-col-67%, dcf-col-33%, dcf-col-67%-center, dcf-col-33%-center, .dcf-col-50%-center

Public Information Apps Updates

  • GoURL - The QR code modal on has been added to the URL Lookup page, so you can get a QR code of another person's links. A bug with the SVG versions of the QR code has been fixed so they will now work in Adobe Illustrator
  • WebAudit - Added new roks to MySites page so you can see them in your big list of sites (Site Manager, etc)
  • Directory - Coming soon - Profile images (avatars) will be moving from Planet Red (which will be decommissioned) to Directory

Next-Gen CMS updates

  • Added Owner, Primary and Secondary Developer roles in WebAudit. As we move through transition process, we'll be doing progress reports, so please fill out information for commuication - these roles are now displayed on the MySites page.
  • Development Priorities - Responsive Image processing improvements, Title tag format fix, object position fix on the hero image, new diagonal background pattern

Reminder: Next-Gen CMS

Meeting Recording