November 2019 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board Updates

WebAudit Metrics

Framework Updates and coming soon

  • Remove jQuery polyfill hack
  • Temporarily remove reduce motion preference, update search and mobile navigation modals
  • Coming Soon
    • Fixes for Scrollable tables
    • DCF 2.0 / Framework 5.1 - Rollout in January
    • Additional updated plugins and widgets: Carousel, notice, tabs
    • Requests? File an issue

UNLcms updates

  • Layout builder update coming in December, will be updated before full deployment in Drupal8
  • Working through implementing DCF lazy loading

Facebook/Twitter widget update

  • If you have used Facebook or Twitter timeline embeds on your site in the past, please update to the latest versions of each. Old versions are breaking on different browsers.

Meeting Recording