November 2017 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 2:00pm


WDN Shared Governance Board updates

  • Governance Board Elections
    • Introduction of nominees for 2018-19 term:
      • Erin Chambers
      • Marcia Dority Baker
      • Ella Durham
      • Matthew Honke
      • David Houfek
      • Michael Riese
    • Vote Note! (voting closes Dec. 4 at 5 p.m.)
  • UX Design Subcommittee
    • Met in October to discuss usability testing. Hope to incorporate questions into upcoming tests being done.
    • Compiling a list of items that already have extensive research behind them and focus on items that are missed
  • QA Review Subcommittee
    • Reviewed top level site and hope to meet with developers this week, will review another site this week

UNLcms / Drupal 8

  • Working on alpha test sites in Drupal 8
  • New features to limit the amount of WYSIWYG work that will be done

Monthly Framework Updates

  • Small changes, mostly related to changing links in the framework to refer to https. View Changelog


  • wdn-icon accessibility issue dropped many sites to 0% How to fix your site
  • Scans should be processed faster. Automatic queues have changed, it should cycle better and make for less waiting.

Inclusive Design 24

  • Hosting an all-day get-together at University Communication offices - Thursday, November 16
  • More information on the #ID24 website

Digital Campus Framework (DCF) 1.0 / UNL Theme 5.0 update (Ryan)

  • New foundation of what we build our framework on
  • Visual design / technologies are still being discussed / developed