May 2023 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • Access levels in a no code / low code environment
  • Voted on background-color functionality in dark mode


WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Group

  • Reminder - Universal Analytics is going away July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a GA4 property

Framework updates

  • 5.3.28 update will deploy May 16
    • Add SVG icon to indicate external links
    • Add backdrop-filter blur to overlay classes
    • Add collapsable fieldsets
    • Add progress spinner component
    • Adjust light background-colors for dark mode

Public Information Apps updates

  • UNL Events
    • Adding collapsible fieldsets
    • Fixing some routes for the audience and event type pages
  • UNL Maps
    • Bus markers coming back online soon.

Next-gen CMS updates

  • Quick demo
  • Starter pages by default with new site

Reminder - Next-Gen UNLcms Timeline

  • February: First Site in Production
  • March: Components, roles and permissions
  • April: Closed beta to Gov Board Members
  • May: Master pages
  • June: Open Availability
  • Beginning Summer: Friday Open House sessions
  • August 2024: Projected sunset of Drupal 7 at UNL

Meeting Recording