May 2019 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board Updates

  • Meeting time changes (reminder, meetings are open to all)
  • Board meeting time: Thursdays, 3pm - 5pm
  • Hard flip to 5.0 in UNLcms on Monday, August 5th (semester starts Mon, Aug 26th)
    • Communication to sites still in 4.1 about the change
    • Going through a list of the higher-priority sites; assistance will be available
  • Discussion of user roles and permissions
    • Establish more of a process for adding users
    • Considering an approval process (like the lockup factory

Announcement of summer workshop dates, times & locations

  • May: Tuesday, May 21, 2pm @ IIM - 5.0/DCF questions
  • June: Thursday, June 27, 3pm, @ SNR - 5.0/DCF workshop and questions
  • July: Tuesday, July 16, 2pm @ IIM - IA & Navigation

HigherEd Experts Websites Conference Presentations

  • June 5th, Location TBA
  • Ryan, Aaron giving presentations on CSS Grid, UNL Framework, other presentations on SEO, Metadata, content refinement.

WebAudit Metrics

UNL Web Framework 5 Transition Progress Report

5.0 Templates updates

  • Stars aligning (get to 90% or above if you want one in your footer)
  • Details and summary elements (documentation coming, special note if you currently use accordion)
  • Limit decimal precision in Sass calculations
  • Replace SkipTo.js plugin with traditional skip nav
  • Prevent alerts from displaying inside an iframe
  • Events timezone, other updates
  • Coming Soon: Lazy loading, SVG filters

UNLcms updates

  • Saturday, May 18 hosting move (editing unavailable for a couple hours that morning)
  • Drupal 8 timeline
    • Phase 1: New 'Quickstart' managed sites available July 1
    • Phase 2: New custom "Builder" sites (similar to current sites) available early fall TBD
    • Phase 3: Migrations TBD

Meeting Recording