May 2015 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 1:45pm
WDN Shared Governance Board update: QA Process

Board is developing a rubric for clear and focused feedback. Alan & Erin share reports for College of Engineering and Department of English. The Board looks at Accessibility & Validity, Information Architecture, Media, and Style Book/Responsiveness. For each category, there are columns for Status, Notes, Suggested Resolution. College of Business Administration and Department of Computer Science & Engineering are up for review next Monday, followed by College of Law, College of Arts & Sciences, and College of Education and Human Sciences.

Top Errors Flagged by UNL Web Audit

Accessibility, HTML Validity, and WDN Framework compliance are metrics that go into a report. Page reports are aggregated into a site report. A 'mark' is either a notice or an error found on your site.

Some common Framework checker marks that are found include:

  • PDF link was found
  • Framework dependencies are out of date
  • Framework HTML is out of date
  • A YouTube embed was found
  • A Flash object was found.

Some common Link Checker marks that are found include:

  • Moved permanently (301)
  • Not found (404)
  • Forbidden (403)
  • Could not resolve host
  • Connecting to this link timed out
  • Internal Server Error (500)

Some common HTML Validator marks that are found include:

  • reference to entity "L" for which no system identifier could be generated
  • Unencoded ampersands
  • Consecutive hyphens did not terminate a comment

Some common Accessibility marks that are found include:

  • Form on pages does not contain Submit button
  • Fieldset element does not have a name available to an accessibility API.
  • Fieldset does not contain a legend element.
  • Insufficient contrast
  • Anchor element found with a valid href attribute, but no link was found

WDN discussion: Any web form signature solutions for PDF? After pushing out framework updates, hold on WebAudit scans so as not to immediately fail sites?

Beyond 'Save For Web': Next-Level Image Compression

Large images can literally cost your site's visitors money (mobile data rates). Use image compression tools to reduce file size, speed up page load time, and save your users money. Tools mentioned include:, JPEGmini, ImageAlpha / ImageOptim, and SVGO-GUI, as well as grunt-imageoptim for Grunt, the JavaScript task runner. We ran out of time to go further into each of these apps, but Ryan offered to discuss more in a later meeting.

UNLedu 4.1 Development and Deployment Timeline

Development begins June 1