March 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board updates

  • QA Review Subcommittee
    • Meet this Thursday to discuss how to improve the QA process. No site review.
  • UX Design Subcommittee
    • Meeting Monday, April 9, 2 pm in the Garage at University Communication offices, 12th & Q to review design progress.
  • Information Architecture (IA) Proposals
  • Framework & App User Group
    • Working on putting together a user group of programmers to look at UX (both front-end and administration) for the public information apps.

Framework & Application Updates

  • Updated links in footer. View Changelog
  • WebAudit: update aXe and W3C validator, change spelling errors to notices
  • Events: images on home page
  • MediaHub encoding updates on the way, will include adaptive streaming

Metrics updates

  • WebAudit: in contrast to last month, all metrics were up or equal this month. An Honor Roll was added for sites in the 90–100% range. Gold and silver star badges coming to sites in the footer next month.

Timeline to Completion

  • Apr: UX Design Subcommittee meeting to review design progress
  • May: Barkley feedback in mid–late May
  • June: Framework Alpha 1, CMS Theme Preview
  • July: Framework Alpha 2, CMS Site Demo
  • Aug: Framework Beta 1, CMS Development Ready, Apps
  • Sep: Framework Beta 2, CMS Feedback + Features
  • Oct: Framework 5.0 Release Candidate 1, CMS Feedback + Features
  • Nov: Framework 5.0, CMS Production Ready
  • Dec: Sites and Apps Ready
  • Jan: Go-live Tuesday, Jan 2, 2019, 3pm (remember: 1/2 @ 3), N150 (sesquicentennial)
  • The timeline has been updated on the Framework Roadmap page.

UNLcms updates

  • Organic groups update this weekend for sites on Drupal 7
  • Roles should be unchanged for staff moving from UNL to Central Admin

Digital Campus Framework (DCF) 1.0 / UNL Theme 5.0

  • Base DCF documentation available at; will eventually be incorporated into UNL 5.0 theme documentation.
  • Lazy-loading will be integrated into framework

Other topics

  • CAS logins getting merged into Shibboleth logins on Sunday morning. Need to pretest and check your standard services and submit a ticket if they're not working on Sunday morning.
  • Chrome 66 will stop honoring Symantec certs in mid-April. It shouldn't have a major effect, but make sure your sites are not effected.

Meeting Recording