June 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 2:00pm

WDN Meeting Agenda

Gov Board Update
  • 4.1 transition -Over 50 sites moved over in the past month. Board members are still contacting site owners in order to move remaining sites. View a current report.
  • Blog task force update - Presented survey results. Will come up with recommended solution during next meeting.
  • Privacy Policy Extension - Documentation created to help developers add extended privacy policy information to their site if they are using Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.
  • Mediahub embed code - Newer embed code in iframe, wrapped in classes that allow for responsive embeds. Reasons for doing this was so it was easier to embed in non-UNL sites like Blackboard. Captions are available and searchable.
  • Hero Content - Working on coming up with a permanent solution that doesn't dim photos in order for accessibility. New updates include modernizr object fit that will optimize image/background video height to fill container.
WDN Documentation
  • Documentation updates continuing on the WDN site. Reminder that the section is open for contributions from any WDN members. Updates will go through moderation process.
UNLcms updates
  • Updated book menus optimized for retina / better look
  • Webform updates - submission numbers are now specific to individual forms.
  • Drupal 8 timeline / progress -
  • Discussion on the future of UNLcms (877 sites in UNLcms) - sharing content and structure (twig templates, css, content types). Eventually need to get to a site where we have fewer websites - combine multiple sites.
Special Presentation: Intro to Web Accessibility
  • Michael Fairchild