January 2024 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - 2:00pm

Shared Governance Board update

Update Your Sites' WebAudit Records

  • Please identify Primary, Secondary Developer and Owners of sites on Webaudit


  • AI vs Stock Images - Generally avoid using stock images, but they can be used for illustrative purposes (and noted as such) if nothing exists at https://ucomphotos.unl.edu/

WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Updates

  • Numbers are way up in GA4. Has anyone else noticed significant increase in new system?
  • If you want a Google Looker Studio panel, please contact Ryan Dee

Framework updates

  • 5.3.42 update will deploy Tuesday, January 9
    • fix typo in webfonts
    • Events widget fix
    • Add end time / all day option to events widget and updated styles

Public Information Apps Updates

  • Announce - Distribute email newsletters at specific times (30 minute increments) rather than only 7:00a.m., New "Ready To Distribute" checkbox ensures it will only send when you're ready for it to.
  • Email Signature Generator - Fix dark mode styles, fix accessibility issues, remove deprecated styles, support for mobile devices (not drag and drop)
  • Events - Webinar added as event type. Coming soon: No more multi-day events, new time input options, better upcoming event sorting
  • Directory - Help text about recommended image size for avatars - make sure you update any Planet Red links to Directory (https://wdn.unl.edu/documentation/person-avatar).

Next-Gen CMS updates

  • "Replicate" feature now available. Can clone any page on your site. Will see "Replicate" tab (sixth tab from left). To replicate page, click tab, choose new page title, and click "Replicate" button. Page that loads will be the replicated page. Will not have a set URL until you edit and save the page.
  • Addition of "Image Object Position" in Hero images. When editing hero images on Builder pages, you can choose: 50% 0%, 50% 20%, 50% 40%, 50% 60%, 50% 80%, or 50% 100% (default is 50% 50%) for fine-tuning vertical adjustment of hero images.
  • Fixes: Added diagonal background section pattern in layout builder, recognize vertical video when adding via WYSIWYG, Body text is now optional on Cards in Layout Builder, Bad image padding in the WYSIWYG and on sections in Layout Builder fixed

Reminder: Next-Gen CMS

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