January 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 2:00pm


WDN Shared Governance Board updates

  • QA Review Subcommittee
    • Will meet either later this year or early next to go over sites. Starting at most-trafficked sites at UNL and will move down list.
      Upcoming sites to be reviewed:
  • UX Design Subcommittee
    • Compiling a list of items that already have extensive research behind them and focus on items that are missed
    • Plan on doing usability studies early in 2018, with larger web survey alongside

Framework and application updates in the last month

  • Small changes, mostly related to fixing footer icon display and some other minor display issues. View Changelog

Metrics updates

  • Performance, Analytics, Web Audit

Nebraska's Brand Platform

  • University is working with Barkley, a full service marketing agency from Kansas City, as a partner to develop a strong, comprehensive and cohesive brand to reach our enrollment goals.

Digital Campus Framework (DCF) 1.0 / UNL Theme 5.0 (Ryan)

  • Continued work on Digital Campus Framework and UNL 5.0 theme, with a focus on structural areas and flexibility to accommodate recommendations from Barkley. Progress can be viewed at http://iimdev.unl.edu/wdn_5.0/debug.shtml
  • 5.0 classes (and how they map to some existing 4.1 classes) are available for developer reference.

Accessiblity Inclusion Reminders from Michael - Screen Reader User Survey done by WebAIM

  • New foundation of what we build our framework on
  • Visual design / technologies are still being discussed / developed

Meeting Recording