January 2017 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 2:00pm
WDN Shared Governance Board update
  • New meeting time: 10am first and third Tuesdays
  • Welcome any new hires and intro to HipChat
  • UX design subcommittee - next meeting (23rd of Jan) will be focusing on user interface sub-committees for 4.1 and 5.0
  • QA Review Subcommittee: If you're interested in participating, please attend the next governance board meeting or contact Robert Crisler
  • Framework updates - Maintenance release to remove some browser compatibility that is no longer needed - see full changelog for details
  • WebAudit - new aXe accessibility metric (more modern and up to date testing tool). Will be launched next week. Upcoming features include updating for use by multiple systems (NU System, UNO, etc) and more.
  • Documentation Updates
Discussion of severe server glitches
  • 8 times the number of users logging into the system as usual, which caused issues in UNLcms. Temporary solution disables transparent logging, so if you're logged into your site, you may need to go to http://yoursite.unl.edu/user/ after logging in.
UNLcms Development Timeline and Update
  • Drupal 8 update - IIM site going live soon
  • Coming attractions in Drupal 8: Responsive Images Core Module demo (creates imageset for loading different sizes at different viewports, while also compressing them), ability to create modular pages using built-in content types for Hero image, Events feeds, and others.
WDN meeting presentation topic call for proposals or contributions
  • If you have a topic you'd like to present on, or have a topic you'd like to have discussed, contact Robert Crisler, a member of the WDN Governance Board, or mention it on the WDN Chat Room.