February 2024 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - 2:00pm

Shared Governance Board update

CMS Transition Report

  • Underway since Summer 2023
  • Over 200 people have taken training
  • 220 sites in development
  • Over 30 live sites
  • Transition Report

Update Your Sites' WebAudit Records

  • Please identify Primary, Secondary Developer and Owners of sites on Webaudit

WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Updates

  • If you haven't completed migration to GA4 by July 1, 2024, you must set up new analytics and download data.
  • If you want a Google Looker Studio panel, please contact Ryan Dee

Framework updates

  • 5.3.46 update will deploy Tuesday, February 13
    • Node module updates
    • Fix DCF Bump Github Action
    • Fix modal button ids
    • Support for new events time modes
    • .unl-scarlet@dark utility class

Public Information Apps Updates

  • Events - New time modes: Start & End, Start Time Only, End Time Only, All Day, TBD

Next-Gen CMS updates

  • "Replicate" feature now available. Can clone any page on your site. Will see "Replicate" tab (sixth tab from left). To replicate page, click tab, choose new page title, and click "Replicate" button. Page that loads will be the replicated page. Will not have a set URL until you edit and save the page.
  • March 1 we will be deleting old CMS sites that are archived (not live) and in "Maintenance Mode." If you have a concern about a particular site, email eric@unl.edu
  • Temporary Transition (formerly Archive) Page tool will be available starting this Thursday, Feb 15. Zoom introduction at 9:00a.m. Thursday, Feb 15 https://go.unl.edu/wdn-zoom - Will record and post in Slack and schedule more sessions as needed.

Choose a Path: Rebuild or Rehome

  • Rebuild: By Sept 2024, site content is rebuilt into a new no-code site using Layout Builder interface, and new site goes live
  • Rehome: Site is rehomed in Next-Gen CMS as temporary transition pages and is rebuilt page-by-page using Layout Builder. In June 2025, non Layout Builder pages will be frozen and in January 2026 will be removed.

Reminder: Next-Gen CMS